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Find out what is going on in the Main Library, Martyrs, JF Allen, the King James and St Mary’s College Libraries. News, services, resources, spaces and events will all be covered in the posts below. For opening times and full information about the Library, please check our webpages.

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Borrowing Library books over winter vacation?

Image: The Long Walk St Andrews, ‘ID’: ms38491-1-12 (1913). If you are going away over the winter vacation and plan to take Library books with you, please remember that all Library books and other items can still be recalled. Check your University email regularly and be sure that, wherever you are going, you will be…

12 December 2019News

Making Inter Library Loan requests over winter vacation

Need to make an Inter-Library Loan request? If you send in your request after Tuesday 17th December 2019 or if your request can’t be fulfilled by the British Library, it will be processed on Monday 6th January. This is because many UK libraries will be closed for Christmas. If you have any questions or would…

10 December 2019News

Closures and changes to opening times over winter vacation

We hope you all have a lovely festive season and winter break! Most Library facilities will close at 5pm on Tuesday 24 December 2019 and re-open on Monday 06 January 2020. During this time, 24-hour PC classrooms will still be available in the Irvine Building, Mathematics Building, and Bute Building. Please remember that you will need your ID card for access. A map…

10 December 2019News

Extended opening and more study spaces during revision and exams

To help you find space to study, we have extended the opening hours for St Mary’s and King James Libraries on South Street and JF Allen Library in the Physics building. From Saturday 30 November until Sunday 15 December inclusive: St Mary’s and King James Libraries will be open Saturdays and Sundays from 9am until 6.30pm. …

25 November 2019News

Library trick or treat – your feedback

Thank you to everyone who left a comment on our Halloween feedback board! In total there were 124 post-its! This feedback tells us that it is crucially important for you to have food and drink available in the Library while you are studying (and in particular that you appreciate the fizzy water, which is available…

22 November 2019News

The Wall comes down: the 30th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

(English Language translation follows) Am 9. November 1989 versammelten sich tausende DDR Bürger an der Berliner Mauer, um zum ersten Mal seit 1961 die Grenze nach Westberlin ungehindert überqueren zu können, nachdem sie Günther Schabowski’s Ansage gehört hatten, dass alle Reisebeschränkungen zwischen West- und Ostdeutschland mit sofortiger Wirkung aufgehoben seien. Schabowski mag diese Ankündigung aus…

6 November 2019News

Pay Library fines on 13th November and help support Book Aid International

Do you have library fines to settle? Pay them on Wednesday 13th November and your fines (up to a total of £1,000 gathered on the day) will be donated to Book Aid International, to support their ongoing Mosul University Library campaign. Mosul University once boasted a world-leading research library, the largest in northern Iraq and one of the largest…

5 November 2019News

Booker project photography competition winner

We are very happy to announce that Rachael O’Donovan, studying International Relations, has been selected as the winner of our Film Noir photography competition. We held the competition as part of the events running up to the Booker Project author visit from Robin Robertson on November 6. From a strong field of entries, we selected…

4 November 2019News

From Fairies and Folktales to Vampires and Zombies – a Halloween Reading List

A treat from Andrew Lang’s manuscript of “Ballade of a choice of ghosts” illustrated by Harry Furniss. Read the ballad in full. You have your pumpkin carved, your apples ready, you’ve festooned surfaces with fake spider webs, and you have your horrific costume sorted, but have you sorted out your spooky reading, and your fright night…

28 October 2019News

Thanks for your feedback – Library orientation tours

Every year during orientation week we offer Library tours for new students. The aim of the tours is to give new students an opportunity to find out about the Library spaces, facilities, services and resources, to see how to find things, borrow books, use the printers, and to know where to ask for help. We’ve…

16 October 2019News

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