No room to study in the Library? Extra spaces now available!

Elizabeth Andrews
Friday 9 December 2016

To help take some pressure off study space in the Main Library and other library facilities, the University has made a number of teaching rooms available for students to use as quiet space for the rest of the exam period.
Spaces will available until Thursday 15th December from 9 am – 5 pm each day.  All are furnished with tables and chairs rather than chairs with writing tablets.  The teaching capacity of each room is shown, though depending on the layout there may be space for fewer individual workspaces.
Town Centre

  • Buchanan Seminar Room 402 (capacity 18)
  • Bute Tutorial Room C26 (capacity 14)
  • St Mary’s College Seminars Rooms 1 and 2 (capacity 16 each – access to Seminar Room 2 is through SR 1)
  • United College Seminar Room 36 (capacity 16)

North Haugh

  • Gateway Seminar Room 3 (capacity 16)
  • Maths Tutorial Room 1B (capacity 12)
  • Maths Tutorial Room 1C (capacity 20)

Please remember that furniture should be replaced in the original layout, and that food and drink (apart from water) are not allowed.
Timetabling staff in the Schools occupying the buildings concerned have been made aware of the bookings.

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