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A Day in a Bookish Cornucopia: surveying books from the Library’s Special Collections

The University of St Andrews Library Special Collections Division routinely commissions practical conservation of damaged material from Icon-accredited conservators. As part of the division’s policy on conservation, damaged collection items […]

18 March 2019Special Collections

Fed up with publisher paywalls? Here are some tools that can help!

Publisher paywalls are an enduring phenomenon in scholarly publishing, and one that frustrates the research of the those without subscriptions and who cannot afford to pay the often unpalatable fees for access. Luckily ...

15 March 2019Open Access

The Origins of Photography Great Britain: St Andrews

Last week a major exhibition, The Origin of Photography Great Britain, opened in on the birth of British photography opened in Japan at the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum. Curator Keishi […]

14 March 2019Special Collections

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