ARTstor Travel Awards 2013 – Cities theme for competition

Wednesday 1 May 2013
Santiago de Compostela: Cathedral
ARTstor Slide Gallery
from: University of California, San Diego
The ARTstor Travel Awards are annual awards which are open to all students and staff to enter! 

Five winners - students, academics, curators, librarians, in any field - will win $1,500 each, to help support travel-related educational and scholarly activities.

This year the theme is cities: their histories and development, their depictions in art and documentation, their architecture, their ruins, their governments, their peoples, their myths. 

Create an ARTstor image group or groups and a single essay (500 words or less) that "creatively introduces us to a city or cities we did not know or reveals an intriguing aspect of the cities we do know".

Winning essays will be published on the ARTstor website and their blog and social media channels.

Deadline: Friday, 17 May 2013
Competition rules 

* images and text from ARTstor may only be used for noncommercial educational and scholarly purposes

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