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Tuesday 11 June 2013
We have free trial access to ALL the resources and databases on the Web of Knowledge platform, until 31 August 2013. 

A Web of Knowledge search will now search across ALL the databases on the platform - you don’t need to know which database is going to provide you with the most relevant results. 

Please try it - and let us know what you think! 

The additional databases are:

BIOSIS Citation Index: 1969-present
Chinese Science Citation Database: 1989-present
Current Contents Connect
     * Life Sciences
     * Clinical Medicine
     * Agriculture, Biology and Environmental Sciences
     * Physical, Chemical and Earth Sciences
     * Engineering, Computing and Technology
     * Social and Behavioural Sciences
     * Arts and Humanities
     * Business Collection
     * Electronics and Telecommunications Collection
Data Citation Index: 1900-present
Derwent Innovations Index: 1963-present
Web of Science:
     * Book Citation Index
               Science: 2005-present
               Social Science and Humanities:2005-present
     * Conference Proceedings Citation Index
               Science: 1990-present
               Social Science and Humanities:1990-present
     * Current Chemical Reactions
     * Index Chemicus
Zoological Records: 1978-present

NB:  we will continue to have access to our normal Web of Knowledge subscription after the trial ends

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