Semester opening times

Elizabeth Andrews
Friday 6 September 2019

outside main library building sunny day green grass and leafy tree

After the summer vacation, Library sites return to semester opening on Monday 16 September:

Main Library, North Street:


8am until 2am 7 days

Service Desk

9am until 9pm Monday to Friday, 10am until 5pm Saturday, 11am until 6pm Sunday


St Mary’s College and King James Library, South Street:


9am until 10pm Monday to Friday

Service Desk

9am until 1pm


Thomson Reading Room in Martys Kirk, North Street:

8am until 12 midnight Monday to Friday & 10am until 12 midnight Saturday to Sunday

Room is not staffed


JF Allen Library, North Haugh:


8am until 5.45pm Monday to Friday

Service Desk

10am until 12 noon


Library at the Gateway, North Haugh:

9am until 9.30pm 7 days

Room is not staffed


Check the Library spaces webpage for information about changes to opening times and any closure information. If you have any questions, please email:

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