Valentine’s feedback: your love letters and break-up letters to the Library

Elizabeth Andrews
Friday 21 February 2020

Note saying Main Library is my happy place

Thank you for writing such lovely letters, we got 53 in total. Below show the themes and some examples!

20 letters professed your love for the library, that it was your second home, and we were with you when others’ weren’t, especially late at night…

Group of notes saying the library is like a second home for students

…but you also told us you have a love/hate relationship with the Library…

Notes saying students have a love hate relationship with Library

We hope the good outweighs the bad 🙂

Notes saying students love the library

10 letters detailed how much you value the Library staff…

Poem about how friendly staff are

…and that they are helpful and kind.

Notes about how friendly the library staff are

6 letters told us the temperature isn’t quite right…

Notes saying the library is too hot or too cold

4 letters specified spaces and services you love…

Notes about facilities and spaces

3 letters were to the books in the Library…

Notes about books

3 letters told us everything wasn’t rosy…

Notes about the things that could be better

2 letters explained we lack space…

Notes about lack of space

There were 9 other letters about a variety of topics including thanks for the free cakes (our pleasure!), how hard you are working, and that you’d like to see more of the Library…

Miscellaneous notes

Thank you again!

We value your feedback. How you feel about the services and spaces the Library offers is incredibly important to us.

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