Study space update week beginning 22 March

Elizabeth Andrews
Monday 22 March 2021

Student sitting at desk with book open, wearing face covering, by window

Student working in the Arts Building

Updates for this week

  • One day advance booking (rather than seven days) will be applied to the Arts Building this week.
  • There were a large number of no-shows in the Arts Building. People turned up for only 39% of booked spaces, which left lots of empty and un-bookable seats. Please remember to cancel your booking if you can’t make it. Check your booking confirmation email for the cancel link. 

Current space

All study spaces must be booked in advance. All buildings have enhanced cleaning, and a Covid Saint on site to help. Check the spaces terms of use.  

  • Spaces can be booked in six buildings (Gateway; St Mary’s College & King James Library; JF Allen Library; Old Burgh School; Martyrs Kirk; Arts Building).
  • 2,593 study space seats are available in total (1,893 available to all students, 280 Postgraduates only, 420 Postgraduate Research students only).
  • 87% of available study spaces were booked.
  • 67% of these booked spaces were used (people didn’t turn up for 33% of spaces). 

Current guidance

We look forward to being able to welcome you back to more spaces soon. We miss you and as soon as restrictions are modified and we are able to offer more options in different buildings, we will open these for you.

Scottish Government guidance:

Strict controls, such as the use of pre-booked appointments, are to be used to keep the number of students and staff on campus to an absolute minimum. These spaces are for individual use only, not group study, and are not to be used as social spaces.

Libraries should operate strictly under the guidance on libraries and study spaces in Level 4. This specifies that browsing is suspended and books and resources will be made available online or via click and collect or home delivery where available. Consideration should be given should be given to whether using suitable safe study spaces elsewhere on campus are a better alternative to using similar spaces in libraries. If so, study spaces in libraries should close.

In order to follow this guidance, and be able to offer Click and Collect and the scanning service from the Main Library, we provide bookable study space only in a number of buildings. Drop-in study space is not allowed under the current conditions. Study spaces should only be used where there is an essential need and there is no alternative.

If you have any questions, please contact us, either through instant chat, or email: [email protected].

Image by Gayle McIntyre, © The University of St Andrews.

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