Halloween feedback results

Elizabeth Andrews
Wednesday 23 November 2022
Post-it notes with writing cover a large board.
Halloween feedback board covered in comments

Thank you to everyone who left a comment and took part in the Halloween Library trick or treat feedback board in the Main Library. 106 post-it note comments were left!

The top Library ‘treats’ were categorised as:

post-it notes with comments and drawings.

  • Building, environment and seating – 6 comments: “The variety of seating options! They’re all very comfy 😊”; “I love the desks with walls on them so less interaction”.
  • Being around other students – 4 comments: “I love not being alone while studying 😊”; “Seeing others work makes we work”.
  • Food and drink – 4 comments: “The 1.50 coffee [heart]”; “£1.50 meal deal [heart]”
  • Library staff – 4 comments: “Treat: the staff are awesome 😊”; “People’s outfits! You all look so cool [heart] [Library staff wore fancy dress]”

The top Library ‘tricks’ were categorised as:

post-it notes with comments and drawings.

  • Studying and deadlines – 7 comments: “Deadline season”; “The fact I have to work”.
  • Noise from other people – 7 comments: “people chatting on stairwell & silent floors is v. rude ☹”; “Loud people”.
  • Making noise – 6 comments: “Opening a Velcro/zip pocket in the quiet section – spoopy [bat]”; “The terror of the silent floors!”.

Looking at the feedback in general, here are some of the actions we will take to help.

Other than the comments around work and deadlines, the top ‘Trick’ categories concerned how people in the building work together, noise, being conscious of making noise and people complaining about noise from others. Libraries and Museums have since reintroduced the ‘Annoyed by noise’ text alert service to the Main Library. It is hoped that this will support those studying in the silent sections and may lessen the tension between students.

Another repeated comment was around the lack of spaces. Libraries and Museums are considering how to approach ‘seat hogging’ and have provided ‘Take a break’ cards as a soft launch.

The temperature issues are being addressed with the installation of a new heating and cooling system – due to be complete early 2023.

Hot water dispensers are awaiting installation.

Work has been undertaken to alter the pressure of the toilet flushes and hooks have been fitted to toilet doors.

Noise will be reduced over the revision and exam period.

Feedback on café hours and bike racks will be passed on to colleagues in RBS and Estates.

We are grateful that you have taken the time to tell us how you feel about the Library space and service. If you have any other feedback, questions or comments, please email us: [email protected] 

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